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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Micro Marketing Power

Take a moment and imagine a typical person in your market right now. What is she or he doing? Watching TV – and if so, what’s on? Or is she sitting at her desk, trying to figure out how to pay her bills? And agonizing? Or is he looking out the window, wondering where his own child is right now – the one who just moved away from home.

This is what I call micro market definition. It’s different from niche-ing, because you already know your niche, right? This is simply carving out a much more specific, detailed picture of the market you already know and love. And more importantly, it’s understanding their exact emotional frame of mind.

Truly effective market definition goes far beyond the usual boring stats like age, marital status, geographic location and education. That’s all ‘old think’. This micro market definition captures the psyche of the person you’re selling to, and really digs into to their day to day situation. It describes their current highs and lows, and what the big needs and wants are that define their lives.

And why is this type of market definition effective? Because when you really, really, really know your audience, you can design a website, a blog, and infoproducts that speak right to their heart. And so you can effectively solve their problems, deliver your work, and live your life’s purpose.

So, yep, this kind of clarity is critical.

To do this, you need to think empathetically. And you need to extend your imagination right into the zone of your market. For instance, if you decide your market is teens going through major life transitions (parental divorce, moving to a new state, life threatening illness in the family, etc.), I want you to really put yourself in the position of that young person.

How exactly do they go through their day? What’s their high point? Their low point? Their mental health break? What song do they hope will come on the radio? What web sites do they hang out at, or how do they communicate with their friends? Terse, tense cell phone calls because they’re so busy? Frantic endless text messages? Long, chatty AIM (instant messenger) conversations? (Right here is an opportunity for non-traditional marketing message delivery.)

But here’s the biggest question — what’s the big need that’s driving them? Is it just to put an end to their parents? Or are they focused on other ‘non-teenager’ issues? Are they suddenly getting a taste of grown up life, so maybe they’re gathering around spiritual websites, or religious affiliations. Or are they drawn to podcasts of world philosophers like the Dali Lama? Or dark teen age angst bands that play grunge? (Here, again, is another possible connection point you can make if you can figure out what sites they linger at.)

See how effective this can be? If you knew, for instance, that your needy teens would be drawn to visit New Thought churches, then that’s a great place to position yourself as a speaker, writer, or blog commenter. Same goes for the blog of existential, angry pop bands. And it goes much further than that.

All truly great marketing begins with empathy. As you really put yourself – like, really, totally and completely – in your people’s position, you extend yourself out of your own little shell. This in turn informs your mission with that critical extra piece – the extra inch that makes your market feel as if you truly understand them.

Stop right now, no matter where you are, and write down ten critical things you need to really remember about your audience. Make sure you imagine your people in your mind (even ask them how you can help.) And bear in mind that helping them is your mission in life – it’s that important!

By really stopping to think, define, and continue defining, you will give your business a tremendous gift: empathy. And did I mention that this process is never really finished? Markets grow and evolve just like our popular culture does. And so one needs to revisit their assumptions about their market annually if not more often.

Think, feel, and imagine your audience. And then go create. That’s where the real joy lives in these businesses.


Tips to Increase New Customer Traffic

Plain and simple : You are going to have to reward them.

The reason that happy customers don’t tell many other people about your service is because most customers EXPECT good customer service so the companies that provide it aren’t at the front of their mind. They have too many other things to worry about on a daily basis.

By starting a Customer Referral Program you will give your best customers a reason to want to tell other people about you. Offering discounts or special incentives to customers who refer another person or company to your business is a win-win situation.

You may have medical licensing boards or other ethics committees for your profession that restrict you from certain types of rewards and rightly so due to conflicts of interest that may arise. But you can always find something that you can do to reward your customers when they refer someone to you.

Here is an example of a Customer Referral Program for a Direct Mail Company and how it works:

“When you refer someone, and that person places an order, you will receive a $25 credit that can be used toward any of said company’s services.

Each time this happens you will receive the $25 credit and there is no limit, so feel free to go crazy referring your friends to us. If you refer enough people who become customers you could end up getting your next order FREE.”

When you set up your own referral program you will want to do two things:

First, make sure that the incentive you offer to your customers is in proportion to the price of what you are selling. If your least expensive service is $5000, then a $25 discount is probably not going to be enough to get them interested in spreading the word.

And secondly, you need to promote it. Make sure that your customers know
about the new reward program by:

1) Having your sales associates mention it whenever someone places an order.

2) Posting notices in your business if you have customer foot traffic.


3) Sending out announcements to your customer address list on a regular basis.

All of these things will help you to increase the number of customers that you receive through word of mouth, and at the same time help keep down your marketing costs. Is this a great idea or what?

Offering discounts or special incentives to customers who refer another person or company to your business is a win-win situation.

Reward the customers that reward you. One of the greatest compliments is when someone refers another or others to your business.

About Customer

The same applies for your online business, you have a dream, a vision and it is your dire wish to make a success of this venture.

Why not? You have spent money and huge amounts of time planning and creating it. And you are now awaiting the arrival of the visitors. But when they come it is not what you had expected.

With any offline business you need clients, you supply the product they require and they buy from you. But you have to sell what they need. It is of no use if they are looking for dog food and you are selling them a lovely toolbox filled with tools.

There are two reasons why they will not be buying from you even though you got them into the store.

The first one is obvious, you are not selling what they need and want when they are there. The second reason is that they are not in the mindset of spending more money than what dog food would cost. They came prepared to buy dog food.

You would agree that this is a very stupid way of going about business and you would probably not last very long.

The big question now is how did all these people get into your store in the first place?

Let’s say you only had a door and they were not able to see through a window, and your name certainly did not reflect what you are doing, so they came by just because they were curious. Remember people love browsing around, but I can bet you quite a few went past your store who would have been interested in what you have on offer, if they only knew.

Nowhere on your billboard, advertising or in your name did you make any reference to what you are all about. Nice tricky little writing got people to walk in, but very few if any actually bought anything.

It is just so strange that this type of marketing is spread so widely all over the internet.

The advertising is non descriptive just trying to get the person to click on a link.

How much money do you think they are making versus the clicks they are receiving?

Just getting people to your sales page will not make them buy; you need to let them know upfront before they are clicking through what you are all about.

That does not mean you should be uncreative in your advertising, what it means is that you should think more creatively to find real interested visitors to your pages, unless you do that you will be throwing loads of cash down the drain, meaning that the dog wont have a bone.

Now we don’t want the dog without a bone because before the dog had the bone the bone had meat which we had. So if the dog does not have a bone, you don’t have any food.

So the main idea behind your marketing effort is to find out which people you need to attract to your site. For this you have to do some research in your chosen market to find the search terms and sites that are frequently visited by your target audience.

You also need to know that the market you are targeting actually buys products, and don’t just browse around. This information you should research before you even attempt to create your product or start marketing your affiliate product.

The next step is to build a list of people that are really interested in the products and information you have on offer. It is your list which means you are allowed with their permission to send them information and products.

This is where your real money lies and will be the most important factor to the future success of your online business.

So before you create that all important new product, keep these points in mind and create a long term sustainable business that would ensure that the dog will have a bone.