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About Customer

The same applies for your online business, you have a dream, a vision and it is your dire wish to make a success of this venture.

Why not? You have spent money and huge amounts of time planning and creating it. And you are now awaiting the arrival of the visitors. But when they come it is not what you had expected.

With any offline business you need clients, you supply the product they require and they buy from you. But you have to sell what they need. It is of no use if they are looking for dog food and you are selling them a lovely toolbox filled with tools.

There are two reasons why they will not be buying from you even though you got them into the store.

The first one is obvious, you are not selling what they need and want when they are there. The second reason is that they are not in the mindset of spending more money than what dog food would cost. They came prepared to buy dog food.

You would agree that this is a very stupid way of going about business and you would probably not last very long.

The big question now is how did all these people get into your store in the first place?

Let’s say you only had a door and they were not able to see through a window, and your name certainly did not reflect what you are doing, so they came by just because they were curious. Remember people love browsing around, but I can bet you quite a few went past your store who would have been interested in what you have on offer, if they only knew.

Nowhere on your billboard, advertising or in your name did you make any reference to what you are all about. Nice tricky little writing got people to walk in, but very few if any actually bought anything.

It is just so strange that this type of marketing is spread so widely all over the internet.

The advertising is non descriptive just trying to get the person to click on a link.

How much money do you think they are making versus the clicks they are receiving?

Just getting people to your sales page will not make them buy; you need to let them know upfront before they are clicking through what you are all about.

That does not mean you should be uncreative in your advertising, what it means is that you should think more creatively to find real interested visitors to your pages, unless you do that you will be throwing loads of cash down the drain, meaning that the dog wont have a bone.

Now we don’t want the dog without a bone because before the dog had the bone the bone had meat which we had. So if the dog does not have a bone, you don’t have any food.

So the main idea behind your marketing effort is to find out which people you need to attract to your site. For this you have to do some research in your chosen market to find the search terms and sites that are frequently visited by your target audience.

You also need to know that the market you are targeting actually buys products, and don’t just browse around. This information you should research before you even attempt to create your product or start marketing your affiliate product.

The next step is to build a list of people that are really interested in the products and information you have on offer. It is your list which means you are allowed with their permission to send them information and products.

This is where your real money lies and will be the most important factor to the future success of your online business.

So before you create that all important new product, keep these points in mind and create a long term sustainable business that would ensure that the dog will have a bone.