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How to Identify who Our Ideal Clients Are?

Here is the best way to do this. I recommend (right now) writing down traits that your best, ideal clients have. Think about the people you LOVE working with more than anything else. If you dont have anybody in mind, think about what they will be like when you do meet them. Let me give you a few traits of my ideal client…

My ideal client is friendly to work with. They have money and can afford to hire me. They are interested in marketing and growing their business. They like to learn new things as much as I do. We learn from each other. They provide feedback on my work. They pay me on time. They have ongoing work. They challenge me. Underneath it all they love helping people (even if they are not in healthcare). We are friends and enjoy each others company. I could go on, but this gives you an idea of what we’re trying to do here.

On the same piece of paper farther down the page write down things you don’t want in your clients – so you can identify these bad traits when you come across them. For example…I don’t want clients that don’t pay in a timely manner. I don’t want to work with clients that are not open to my suggestions — clients that think they know everything. I don’t want clients that only care about making money and not doing the right thing. I don’t want clients that are always in a rush and frantically running behind.

You get the idea.

Taking the time to think about and identify the traits of the people you want to work with, or attract, will help you know them when you see them.